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Advanced Microeconomic Theory II: Course Details

  • Overview:

    The course covers several topics on microeconomic theory through a series of modules on Choice under Uncertainty, Game Theory, and Information Economics. We will begin with the analysis of individual decision making under uncertainty, and continue with the study of non-cooperative games with complete and incomplete information. Then we will discuss the basic models in the economics of information where the focus is on situations in which one party has, or will have, informational advantage over the other.
  • Outline:

    • Individual decision making under uncertainty
    • Non-cooperative games with complete and incomplete information
    • Moral hazard
    • Adverse selection
    • Signalling
  • References:

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  • Language:

    The course is taught in English. The exam will be posed in English, but questions can be answered in either English or German.

  • Times and Place:

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